Criminal Law

If you’ve been arrested in Tennessee, Mississippi or Alabama there’s no doubt you need a lawyer. In my experience people want three main things in that lawyer.

1) Affordability

What does it matter how good a lawyer is if you can’t afford to pay his fee? That’s why I am committed to proving affordable pricing to my clients.

The price I charge has everything to do with how much it will cost to do the work. If you have a misdemeanor at 201 Poplar I can walk over there and handle your court dates relatively quickly so the amount I charge will be less. On the other hand, a major felony in some far away county in Alabama would take a lot more time so I have to charge a little more. At the same time I have to stay competitive with other lawyers so I encourage all potential clients to let me know what prices others are charging and give me a chance to see if I can find a way to match them.

Payment plans are available and I also accept all major credit cards.

2) Experience

Once you get down to lawyers you can afford it’s important that they know what they’re doing. I handle every case personally and bring about my 9 years of experience as an attorney to bear. I have experience handling everything from traffic tickets to DUI’s to a major felony jury trial. You can count on me to explain what you can expect and prepare you for the entire process.

3) Client Communication

Far and away, the biggest complaint clients in Tennessee and Mississippi have with their lawyers is a lack of communication. Emails and phone calls are simply not returned. My policy is to return phone calls on the same day but I go even further. I give clients unprecedented access to the information they want. After signing the contract, all of my clients receive access to the client portal located right here on this website. In it you will find calendars letting you know about your next court date. You’ll also find copies of every document I receive as well as logs of phone calls, emails or any other information that I receive. Whenever I work on a file I save my information and immediately share it with my client. That means 24/7 access to your file so you can always know exactly what is happening, what is next and when that will happen. There is also a Facebook style comment features which allow clients to make comments or ask questions at any time from their PC or even their smart phone.